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Building Work

Building Work

The original outline planning permission covering the whole of the Martlesham Heath housing development included a specific condition which removed "permitted development rights" for extensions etc.  This means that all works, including new builds, extensions of any size, garages, porches, conservatories, garden rooms and even some high fences require planning permission from East Suffolk Council.


You are strongly advised to seek advice from ESC and get the appropriate planning permission,  as failure to do so could cause significant legal problems if you carry out development without planning permission and subsequently try to sell your property. Most local architects will be aware of this situation and should be able to provide you with advice.

Residents need to be aware that they also need to get approval for any intended work from Bradford Property Trust which is part of Granger plc. 

Grainger Plc. charge a fee for this service shown below.

This is part of the covenant which applies to all houses on Martlesham Heath and is unrelated to MHHL. 

Plan approval
Conservatory - £150.00 + VAT (£180.00)
Extensions - £250.00 + VAT (£300.00)

Sheds / Summer Houses £60 +VAT  (£72)

Retrospective permission

Conservatory - £300.00 + VAT (£360.00)
Extensions - £500.00 + VAT (£600.00)


Their address is:- 


Mr Phil Nelson
Head of Portfolio Management (North)

Grainger Plc

Torrens Apartments

Waterman Walk


M50 3AS

0161 929 0044


If you have concerns about people not observing other aspects of the covenants (eg storage of caravans) these should also be reported to Grainger Plc as above. They have told us they intend to continue to enforce these covenants.

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