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Visitors Spaces

MHHL (or MCL originally) owns and maintains 66 hard-standing car parking spaces on Martlesham Heath. These were originally provided specifically for the use of visitors to the village. However, circumstances have changed considerably, and most notably there has been an increase in car ownership. Many families own two or more cars but often do not have sufficient garaging or parking within their own property, resulting in a large number of cars regularly parked on the highway. In some places this causes serious congestion.

In November 2004, after a review of the use of these spaces, MHHL decided that it was both impractical and inappropriate to enforce the original rules, and therefore, extended them to allow ad-hoc use by residents, as well as visitors under the following terms:

  • The spaces are owned and maintained by MHHL and demarcated by either "MHHL" painted on the ground or by appropriate signage.

  • MHHL car parking spaces will be available for use by residents, as well as visitors. 

  • Car parking spaces may only be used for cars that are taxed and in regular use on the road. Spaces must not be used for storage of untaxed, SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification),  unroadworthy cars, equipment, materials, skips or any other non-approved use.

  • Vans, it must be remembered that these spaces were designed in the early 80's when cars and Vans in particular were smaller than todays designs. Consequently most of the spaces are unsuitable for large panel vans and we would ask that residents park these and other commercial vehicles on their own private parking spaces rather than the MHHL spaces. 

  • It must be ensured that vehicles do not drip oil or otherwise contaminate the parking space. Users causing problems with the cleanliness or condition of spaces may be charged for the cost of cleaning or repairs.

  • Users are asked to park carefully within the spaces.

  • Residents are asked to use these spaces in a reasonable manner, with regard and consideration for fellow residents and their visitors. Spaces are not to become an extension of residents own parking areas. Regular, sustained or exclusive use of a space will not be tolerated.

Grass Verges

  • Please note that MHHL does not allow parking on any of the grassed areas that it owns unless specific permission is given by MHHL. 


Residents are asked to observe these rules in order to avoid damaging the appearance of the Village

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