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East Suffolk Council Draft Cycling and Walking Strategy closing date for comments 10th January 2022

East Suffolk Cycling and Walking Strategy Draft: this has a significant impact on MHHL land.

Of most concern to MHHL is the proposal to push a bridge across the A12, cutting through the woods between Coopers and Lancaster Drive, and create a new paved and lit cycling / pedestrian route from there through Birch Woods (which East Suffolk Council refer to as Martlesham Woods). Scroll down for map.


Assuming the same width as the Kesgrave cycle path this would be approximately 4.5m wide. MHHL feel that this would damage the nature of the woods which is essentially 90% unmanaged and is a very effective Carbon sink as well as providing habitat for local wildlife.


It would also bypass the village centre yet still join the same cycle path on Eagle Way. Saving in distance is minimal compared to using the existing bridge.


We also have concerns regarding the path alongside the Police HQ and the way the council wants to join it up to a new paved path through Long Strops by cutting the corner off the path near the Control Tower. Note that MHHL land starts at the bend in the Police Perimeter fence in Portal Woods.

You can read MHHL's response to the ESC Cycling and Walking Strategy here.


You can also download a printable version of the East Suffolk Cycling and Walking Strategy document here .

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