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What is MHHL?

Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd (MHHL) is a not for profit company whose remit is the maintenance of approximately 140 acres of open spaces and other assets owned by the company. MHHL is owned by the homeowners of Martlesham Heath who pay a yearly membership fee.

For the 2024-2025 the fee is now  £45, payable 1st October 2024, if it remains unpaid on the 1st December 2025 an additional charge of £10 is added. MHHL's financial year runs July to June and we have a policy that whoever owns the house on the 1st October is responsible for the fee for that financial year. 

 In June of each year an AGM is held to which all members are invited and the membership fee is agreed. The 2024-2025 fee was unanimously accepted by all  members who voted.


The company is managed by a board of unpaid Volunteer Directors from Martlesham Heath on behalf of the householders. The board is assisted by a group of Volunteers. Both Directors and Volunteers are members of MHHL.

MHHL is not a Neighbourhood Association and we cannot deal with matters other than those directly relating to MHHL owned Land or property. Please note that we do not have any full time employees so before contacting us please look at this Website to ensure your request is relevant to MHHL . There are sections on Covenants and Policies and also a Map showing the land MHHL is responsible for on this website which can be found under Land and Assets.

If you are planning any building alterations please read the information under policies.

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Buying or Selling  a house on Martlesham Heath ?

If selling please contact MHHL and we will supply you with the information your solicitor needs  regarding your membership and its transfer to the purchaser. There is administration fee of £200 payable by the purchaser to cover the cost of dealing with the buyers solicitors.

For a better environment



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Dry Woods




PO Box 897
Martlesham Heath

01473 612207

Before contacting MHHL please look at this Website first to make sure your request is relevant to MHHL. We will try to respond to non urgent emails within 5 days.

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